Over half the children in the world and most adults have had dental cavities. Oral health is a key determinant of overall health. The WFPHA has set up a public health coalition with the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. The Alliance is a worldwide group of experts who have joined together to promote integrated clinical and public health action in order to stop caries initiation and progression in order to move towards a Cavity-Free Future for all age groups.

The WFPHA works with the Alliance and local WFPHA Member organizations along with Ministries of Health to support local and global caries prevention activities and messaging that will empower communities around the world to address this chronic disease.
Joining the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future, the WFPHA supports the principles to drive education about the caries continuum and elevate the importance of caries prevention and management as a global health issue.

Contact: WFPHA International Office

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